We understand this is a very difficult decision for any Bulldog owner to make.

Please complete the Bulldog Questionnaire as this is the information we will need to discuss accepting your Bulldog. Please be totally honest in your assessment of your Bulldog. The more information you can provide the better. We may be able to offer help and advice to allow your Bulldog to remain with you if that is an option. We will also need veterinarian information, all records and any registration papers that you may have for your Bulldog. We will also need pictures of your Bulldog.

  • We are a foster home based network, so we may not be able to take your Bulldog immediately.
    We only rescue purebred English Bulldogs.
  • You will have to sign a surrender form that transfers ownership of your Bulldog to KCEBR.
  • We cannot buy your Bulldog from you.
  • There may be a wait if we do not have an available foster home.
  • We are all volunteers and have jobs, families and pets and may not be able to take your Bulldog immediately. We do not have a shelter facility.
    Bulldogs come to us because of family changes, financial challenges, shelters, law enforcement, illness or death of the owner and we do our best to work with everyone who needs help with their Bulldog.