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Thank you for your interest in fostering a homeless pet for Kansas City English Bulldog Rescue. Our foster families are a vital part of our organization, as we do not have a shelter. We are a network of foster homes and we can only save as many Bulldogs as we have foster homes to put them in. By making the decision to foster, you are literally saving a life!

Before You Apply

Can you answer YES to the following?

  • Can you give love and treat this bulldog just like they are one of your own?
  • Are you able to keep a foster separate from your family pets and do a proper transition?
  • Can you follow all of the instructions given by your KCEBR volunteer regarding food/medication?
  • Can you follow all vetting instructions given by KCEBR?
  • Do you want to help KCEBR and the English bulldogs coming into the rescue?
  • Do you want to be a part of that big impact, have the time and space to temporarily home an English bulldog, but are unable to adopt at this time?
  • Do you want to help KCEBR and the English bulldogs coming into the rescue?
  • Are you local to the Kansas City (within an hour) area?

Overview of the Foster Process

When you foster a pet, KCEBR covers all APPROVED vet costs, prescription food (if needed), collar, harness, leash and tag.  Typically KCEBR foster dogs are in their foster home 4-8 weeks on average while we get them ready for adoption. Foster families schedule vet visits with our approved vet, and notify the Medical Directors so that they can attend the appointment. KCEBR solely uses Kennedy’s Animal Clinic in Raytown, Missouri so all of our fosters must be local and able to get to the veterinary office. 

Our fosters do weekly updates about how the dog is settling into their home and help evaluate what the ideal home for that dog would be. These updates include a narrative, photos and videos for social media. 

PLEASE NOTE – KCEBR Foster Families receive the right of first refusal to adopt

As an incentive to commit to fostering, KCEBR offers foster families the right of first refusal to adopt their foster. Regardless if the foster family “fails” and adopts the dog, or choses to continue fostering – it is an amazing and rewarding experience all of its own, helping these dogs for a short period and sending them off to an amazing home.


We endorse positive reinforcement training and do not permit the use of aversive training of our foster dogs. Aversive (shock collars, prong collars, physical punishment, etc.) can have serious negative repercussions especially when used on shy, fearful or unsure dogs.

Many dogs coming in to KCEBR are coming from shelters, owner surrenders and breeder surrenders. These dogs often need a lot of work with their socialization and potty training. KCEBR offers volunteers a lot of help and resources to help integrate a new dog into their home and evaluate them. However, these behaviors are to be expected with a new foster dog. Working with your foster to promote good “house manners” will help both the dog and the adoptive family adjust quickly to each other!


We do our best to treat for contagious disease in these dogs upon arrival, but on occasion they may be carrying an illness that possibly could be spread to you or a resident pet. This is one reason when approving a foster application, we verify your pets be current on vaccinations, and treated with heartworm and flea and tick prevention monthly to help prevent the transmission of common skin parasites.

All medications are provided in consultation with out veterinarians who examine the pet.


We attend multiple events a year, around the Kansas City Metro Area. Meet and Greets and rescue events allow the public to meet our foster dogs, play with them, learn their personalities, and possibly learn how to get involved in the rescue. For a successful event, there should be several dogs at each event. While we understand not every foster parent is available for all events, we encourage fosters to have availability to bring your foster dogs to events or make arrangements with another volunteer so your foster dog can attend.

Please note:
Since many of our Fosters eventually adopt from KCEBR, our Foster application is the same as our Adoption Application. (link to adoption application) 

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